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  • Providing Authority to a Third-Party Individual or Organisation

Providing Authority to a Third-Party Individual or Organisation

For the Fund to deal with a third-party individual or organisation, we require written consent from our member detailing the information that they are happy to be shared. The way in which we accept consent is different depending upon the circumstances for which it is being requested.  

Providing consent to a family member, friend or someone with a personal relationship to the member 

For consent relating to personal matters we require a letter to be sent into the Fund written by the member, which can be drafted with assistance if required, providing the details of the third-party that they are providing consent to. The letter will also need to state clearly what personal information the member is consenting to be shared. For examples of personal information, please visit the What data do we hold? web page. 

To provide assurance to our members the Fund has set out the conditions on which we will share information with third-parties, this assurance can be found pdf icon here [438kb]

Providing consent to an individual/organisation for financial matters (such as an Independent Financial Advisor or Solicitor)

For consent relating to financial matters we require our members to complete the below form, which can either be printed from this web page or can be posted to a member on their request. 

pdf icon WMPF LOA Form [467kb]

If consent is provided to the Fund on a generic letter of authority from a third-party then this will not be deemed sufficient enough to deal with the third-party direct. The Fund requires completion of the WMPF LOA form to ensure the validity of the request and to be satisfied that our member (to which the information relates) has provided explicit consent to the processing and sharing of their information with a third-party.  

We encourage our members to utilise this template form when providing consent and have to advise that from the 1st October 2018 the Fund will no longer accept externally produced templates as a form of providing consent. Please refer to the pdf icon letter [218kb]that was recently sent out to organisations who have acted on our members' behalf and have contacted the Fund for information. 

Please note that existing and statutory letters of authority/power of attorney/court direction will not be affected by this change. The Fund will continue to action those requests as directed.        

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