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Data Quality

All Local Government Pension Schemes collect and hold records about scheme members' identities and their time in the scheme in order to calculate and pay out benefits. Record keeping is a vital part of running a scheme and failure to maintain complete and accurate records means the Fund is at risk of failing to meet its legal obligations. Crucially, it can affect the Fund's ability to complete basic functions such as paying members the right amount at the right time and issuing annual benefit statements as required under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

Ensuring that data and information is of an appropriate quality for its purpose underpins the usefulness of information. Everyone who collects or processes data has an important role to play in maintaining data quality.


  • Instil confidence in all data and information used;

  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness;

  • To underpin the better use of information to support services;

  • Improve accessibility and transparency for customers.

Data quality characteristics

  • Accuracy;

  • Reliability;

  • Validity;

  • Completeness;

  • Relevance;

  • Timeliness.

Our commitment

  • Ensure data is handled in a responsible way;

  • Ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to ensure the characteristics are met;

  • Never knowingly report data which is inaccurate or incomplete;

  • Endeavour to communicate any known risks or variables.


To ensure the Fund meets its legal duty, it has created a bespoke Data Quality team responsible for engaging with employers about member data accuracy.

To assist with this work, the Fund has instigated a program of monthly submissions from employers which seek to reconcile member data held by the Fund on a monthly basis with that held by Employers. The aim being to improve the accuracy of data held throughout the year enabling early identification of any issues in advance of the production of Annual Benefit Statements.

Every month Employers are required to submit an employee record file which identifies any changes in data (including changes to earnings/salaries, names and addresses) with that held by the Fund.

The Fund's Data Quality team are responsible for uploading the data to our pension administration system and for rectifying any discrepancies through queries and engagement raised with the employer.

This ensures that the information the Fund holds about its members is accurate and up to date enabling the Fund to provide information to members about their future pension income.


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