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  • Monthly Submission Common Errors

Monthly Submission Common Errors


Monthly Submission Common Errors

Error: Incorrect Period Dates

Description: There are cases where the incorrect dates are being noted for the monthly return period. Furthermore, if these dates do not match with the payroll month end date entered on the Web Portal process, each individual entry must be amended to note the correct date. Previous month's payroll adjustments can also fall into this category and the dates should reflect the pay period in which the adjustment was made.

Solution: Please ensure the correct dates are entered in columns S and T in your monthly submission files relevant to that month's submission e.g. 01/07/2018 to 31/07/2018. This must match with the payroll month end date entered on the Web Portal process (see below for details).

Error: Incorrect Membership Numbers

Description:  There have been several instances where the incorrect membership numbers have been noted. Please be aware of any amendments to membership number. In some cases, the membership number relates to a completely different member which can again be time consuming to resolve, as an investigation is then required to look through the records a member holds and analyse them to find out which record the entry relates to.  If they have multiple entries on a file, please ensure the right membership number is logged against the right entry.

Solution: Please ensure the correct membership number is used for each member (column B). You should be able to tell this from the membership number lists we provide by referencing against your payroll numbers and the monthly error feedback. Please also update your records to reflect this information.

Error: Missing entries for no pay periods

Description: Some members are missing from the monthly submission. This may be due to the member not receiving pay in casual employment, because of sickness or relevant child related leave. An entry is required for every month of scheme membership.

Solution: Please ensure that an entry is provided each month even where the entry for member's earnings and contributions are zero. Assumed Pensionable Pay may be applicable in some of these circumstances and should be provided in each relevant month.

Error: Missing Assumed Pensionable Pay (APP) entries

Description: Some members are missing APP from the monthly submission. APP may be applicable if the member is receiving reduced or no pay because of sickness or relevant child related leave.

Solution: Any APP that the member is treated as having received, should be included in the 'Pensionable Pay received in main section' field, column W, with any applicable pensionable pay, in each relevant month. Employer contributions calculated on both Assumed Pensionable Pay & Pensionable Pay (both main & 50/50) should be included in column AG.


Error: Incorrect payroll month end date

Description: At the beginning of the process, after the csv file has been uploaded you are manually asked to enter the date of the payroll month. Please make sure this reflects the last day of the month. i.e., 01/03/2018 -  31/03/2018 should be entered as 31/03/2018. This can lead to issues within the system with regards to contributions being allocated to the correct time period.

Solution: Please ensure the date entered always reflects the last date of the month for that payroll period regardless of the date when your payroll closes internally.

Error: Notification of 50/50 Commencement or Ceasing

Description: There have been instances where we haven't been notified when a member has either commenced or ceased in the 50/50 scheme, which causes an error. This requires manual intervention to check whether a Web S10 has been provided by the Employer and if not, we must go back to the Employer to request the dates of commencement and/or ceasing.

Solution: Please ensure we are notified of any 50/50 membership changes before the next monthly submission is processed or include the change on the next monthly submission.

Error: Incomplete submissions in your Worktray

Description: We've identified many submissions sitting in either the Employers or Payroll Providers Worktray that haven't routed through to us at the Fund. A majority are sitting at the [Report and Export Stage]. The process must be completed for us to be able to analyse and process the monthly submission.

Solution: Please check your Worktray and advise us of any processes that require aborting or any processes that you require assistance with. 


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