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  • Implementation of LGPS Central

Implementation of LGPS Central

The overall timescale for the implementation for investment pooling in the LGPS is April 2018. The programme timeline below sets out the key milestones for the programme to ensure we meet the deadline set by Government:

Progress timeline
Progress timeline

The implementation of LGPS Central has been divided into seven key workstreams and a project team has been established with representation from each of the participating Funds.

  • Governance
    To establish an effective and regulatory compliant governance structure for LGPS Central (Pool and Fund)

  • Target Operating Model
    To design and implement the Target Operating Model to ensure FCA approval

  • Asset Servicer & Wider Procurement
    To manage the procurement of all key services for LGPS Central

  • IT
    Manage the setup of the IT infrastructure in line with regulatory requirements

  • Collective Investment Vehicle (CIV)
    To design and implement the LGPS Central Investment Offering and manage the transition of existing assets into the operator.

  • HR & Transformation
    Manage the setup and transition of the LGPS Central workforce and the transfer of relevant assets and contracts

  • Communications
    Manage the effective communication to all key stakeholders

LGPS Central Programme Structure

Workstream Structure
Workstream Structure


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