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Third Party Authority

There are instances where our scheme members may wish to request that the Fund deals with a third-party individual or organisation on their behalf regarding matters relating to their pension record. This can be for a range of different reasons both personally or financially. In order to maintain the integrity of our information security we require our members to consent to this in a specified written form prior to the Fund disclosing any personal information.

Within this section you will find further information on what is required by the Fund to grant third-party authority and also more information on the frequently asked questions that the Fund receives from third-party individuals and organisations. 

Providing consent to an individual/organisation for personal or financial matters (such as an Independent Financial Advisor, Claims Companies or Solicitor)

For consent relating to personal and / or financial matters we require our members to complete the below form, which can either be printed from this web page or can be posted to a member. If consent is provided to the Fund on a generic letter of authority from a third-party then this will not be deemed sufficient enough to deal with the third-party direct. The Fund requires completion of the WMPF LOA form to ensure the validity of the request and to be satisfied that our member (to which the information relates) has provided explicit consent to the processing and sharing of their information with a third-party. 

 WMPF LOA Form [467kb]Opens new window  

Please note that in regard to existing and statutory letters of authority / power of attorney / court direction, the Fund will continue to action as appropriate.        

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