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Scenario A1 CONC

This scenario applies when you have left an employment after 31 March 2014 with an entitlement to a deferred refund which is based on post-31 March 2014 membership (or on membership which is treated as post-31 March 2014 membership) only and you continue to be an active member in an ongoing employment.

As you are continuing in the LGPS in your other employment(s), you are not eligible to take a refund of the contributions in your deferred refund account, and so the amount of pension in your deferred refund account will automatically be transferred and added into your ongoing active account.

If you have more than one active pension account (because you have more than one current employment in which you are contributing to the LGPS), you will need to indicate on the election form we send you which active pension account you wish your deferred refund account to be combined with.

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