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  • Pensions Board Nomination Process

Pensions Board Nomination Process

The Local Pensions Board has agreed to seek nominations of membership by one third rotation each year. The below process outlines how the nomination and appointment of members will be managed by the Fund.

The role of the Pensions Board is to assist in the good governance of the scheme through the monitoring of Fund performance and adherence to statutory duties.

The Board consists of six employer and six member representatives consisting of five employer (officer) and five member (trade union) representatives together with two City of Wolverhampton councillors, each sitting one as an employer representative and one as a member representative. Each member of the Board has a right to vote on matters brought before it.

Appointment Process

From January 2017, the Fund will seek nominations to the Pensions Board of one third each year, this is to ensure a rotation of members while retaining the knowledge and experience of the group.

Every year the two elected councillors of the administering authority will be selected by the City of Wolverhampton Full Council.

The non-elected councillor representatives will be sought from their representative group (member or employer) each year on rotation of membership.

At its meeting in January of any year, the Pensions Board will instigate this process in the following order

a) those members who have been unable to adhere to their responsibilities on attendance throughout the year
b) any vacant seats unfilled or vacancies expected to arise before the end of the municipal year [1]
c) alphabetical rotation (by surname) of members, one from the employer group and one from the member group.


At that meeting an Appointments Panel will be formed to consider any nominations. The Panel shall consist of the Chair or Vice Chair (where they are not on rotation) one employer and one member representative together with the Director of Pensions (or their nominated officer). In the event that the Chair and Vice Chair are both on rotation for nomination, the Panel shall consist of two employer and two member representatives together with the Director of Pensions (or their nominated officer).

The Fund has produced a nomination pack providing the relevant information to potential candidates

On receipt of applications, the nominations will be considered by the Appointments Panel initially by email to generate a shortlist, followed by a formal invite to interview with the Panel.

Should the Fund receive more applications than available posts, the Appointments Panel will be required to select appointed persons to the Local Pensions Board.

The Appointment Panel will be responsible for interviewing applicants and recommending to the Pensions Board persons appointed. Persons to be appointment must be able to fulfil their duties of knowledge and capacity and will be selected in consideration of maintaining a broad representative group of the Fund's employer and member group.

It is permissible for current members of the Board to be re-nominated or to re-apply for their post for one rotation. In the event of the re-nomination of members, the Board may decide to appoint without interview.

The Appointments Process will be completed by the start of each municipal year (June).


Employer Representatives

The West Midlands Pension Fund Local Pensions Board has six employer representatives and consists of representatives from the Fund's employer base including education authorities, local authorities, schedule bodies, admitted bodies and the Combined Authority.

Following the January meeting the Fund will communicate openly and engage with its employer and member groups to seek nominations to the Board's vacant member positions.


Member Representatives

The West Midlands Pension Fund has six member representatives

  • 1 x elected Councillor from the administering authority

  • 5 x trade union representatives from the three trade unions (GMB, Unite and Unison)

Following the January meeting, the Head of Governance and Corporate Services will contact the relevant trade union, whose representative is up for nomination, to confirm their nomination for the forthcoming year.  

The trade unions will work together to provide the Fund with nominations to the vacant member positions and will present a preferred candidate to the Appointments Panel.


Failure to obtain nominations

Should the Fund fail to receive nominations from the employer and member groups, it may approach persons directly to apply for the vacant positions. Persons approached in this manner will still need to be formally interviewed and recommended by the Appointments Panel.

Where direct contact is made, persons contacted will be approached in consideration of their ability to meet the legislative requirement of knowledge and capacity and may be approached by recommendation from the Board.


Nominations mid-term

In the event that a member of the Board resigns their position, or are removed, before January in any year, this process will be followed at the time the resignation is received. In such circumstances, it is not provided that successors to post will fill the position on the Board and any such persons will need to comply with this process




[1] Those members who through their own knowledge will be unable to conduct their duties as a Pensions Board member for the following year and are able to disclose this to the Board will be asked to do so.  This may be due to a change in employment (moving to an employer not in the Fund), retiring from employment or a change in ability to perform the duties of a Pensions Board member. Note that it is not provided that successors to an employment post will fill the position on the Board and any such persons will need to comply with this process).

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