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Where is my Data Stored?

All Local Government Pension Schemes collect and hold records about scheme members' identities and their time in the scheme in order to calculate and pay out benefits. Record keeping is a vital part of running a scheme and failure to maintain complete and accurate records means the Fund is at risk of failing to meet its legal obligations. Crucially, it can affect the Fund's ability to complete basic functions such as paying members the right amount at the right time and issuing annual benefit statements as required under the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations.

To assist in the management of data the Fund has procured a software management system from providers Civica.

The Universal Pension Management system (UPM) is used by the Fund to manage and administer pension benefits, including the calculation and payment of pension payments.

Scheme employers of the Fund have access to their scheme member's records and data and are able to upload documents and queries to the Fund. This process assists in the management of our member data.

The City of Wolverhampton Council support the Fund's management of its computer systems and all software is managed in connection with the Council's Cyber Security Policy 


Where is your data stored
Where is your data stored

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