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Codes and Principles

A number of industry standards exist to encourage investors to be effective stewards or owners of their assets and adopt a more long-term view. The Fund strives to meet best practice in all areas of its operations i.e. in its pension administration business and through its investment activities. The main codes and principles relevant to the Fund's RI activities are tabulated below:

UK Stewardship Code

The Fund is a Tier 1 signatory to the Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) UK Stewardship Code. The code aims to enhance the quality of engagement between asset managers and companies to help improve long-term risk-adjusted returns to shareholders. The Fund's compliance statement can be found on our Corporate information page.

Corporate Governance Code

The Fund expects UK companies to adhere to the UK Corporate Governance Code on a comply or explain basis. The Fund expects companies outside the UK to adhere to international voting principles, recognising local application and development.

Principles for Responsible Investment

The United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is an international network of investors working together to define and implement best practice for integrated responsible investment (RI). The Fund has contributed to, and makes explicit use of, the PRI's investor guides for integrating RI into investment processes. The Fund's latest PRI transparency report can be found here.

PRI Signatory Image
PRI Signatory Image

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