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The retirement process (deferred members)

If you are deferred member considering retirement, here is an example of the typical retirement process:

Step 1 - Check your pension statement

You can review your deferred benefit statement using your Pensions Portal account. To access the Pensions Portal or to register please visit

If you are retiring earlier than your normal pension age, your benefits will be reduced. Please click here to access the early retirement reductions before applying to access your pension.

Step 2 - Apply to access your pension

We will write to you or email you around your eligible payment date detailing your deferred retirement options.

If you want to access your deferred retirement benefits anytime from age 55 to age 60, please contact us for a retirement application pack.

If there is a reason why we are unable to provide your retirement options, you will be notified accordingly.

For more information on completing your options forms, please click here.


Step 3 - Reply

If you wish to proceed, please send back your forms together with any other documents requested as soon as possible after receipt.

Photocopies of certificates are acceptable.


Step 4 - Payment

You will receive a letter confirming the date of payment of your lump sum and when the payment of your pension will commence.

Your LGPS pension is a taxable income, but any lump sum is paid tax free. The amount of tax that you pay on your pension depends on your income and your personal circumstances.

Your first pension payment will be subject to a 0T tax code unless we have received a P45 with your forms, this means that you will be taxed at 20% or 40% dependent on the gross amount paid.  The HM Revenue and Customs Tax Office will then determine your tax code and send details to us electronically,  which will then generate a tax refund if applicable on the next payment made to you.

You will also receive a pension advice slip prior to your first pension payment.

For more information about pensions in payment, please click here.


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