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CARE Revaluation Run 2022


The Fund's annual Bulk CARE Revaluation process for 2022, to update the 2022 CARE benefits for all Active members who have had annual earnings posted at 31/03/2022, has now been completed (Thursday 23/06/2022).

This will mean that, if you want to produce an estimate for a member through the employer Hub, you will no longer have to include the member's previous year's (2021/2022) actual pay in the Main Section Pensionable Pay field. You will only need to use the figure from the 1st April 2022 until the estimated date of retirement.

Please always check the member's earnings record on the WMPF Employer Hub and on the statement that you have produced, for assurance that the member's CARE Benefits for the last 'Scheme Year' have been included in the estimate.

For further information on how you produce an estimate through the WMPF Employer Hub, please go to the following website page:  West Midlands Pension Fund - Guidance ( and select the 'How to run an estimate in Employer Hub' tile.    

Secondary Contributions for 2022/23 are now due

April 2022

Your secondary contributions (PSD) payments are now due, and should be made as per the figures provided in your 2019 valuation results letter which was issued in March 2020 to the named strategic contact for your organisation.   You are also able view the contributions due to be paid on Employer Hub; instructions on how do do this are available here: publication icon Hub Valuation Details Screen [347kb]

BACs payments should be made to the same account that you currently pay your monthly contributions to. If you wish to confirm payment has been made, please email confirming the amount paid and the employer number(s).

No invoice will be issued for your secondary rate contribution payments.

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