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Pensions Board


The role of the Pensions Board is to assist in the good governance of the scheme through the monitoring of Fund performance and adherence to statutory duties.

The Board consists of six employer and six member representatives consisting of five employer (officer) and five member (trade union) representatives together with two City of Wolverhampton councillors, each sitting one as an employer representative and one as a member representative.

The Pensions Board is not a decision-making body, nor does it hold a scrutiny function; its role is to assist in the compliance with scheme rules.

Following approval from the Secretary of State, the West Midlands Local Pension Board is a joint pension board with responsibility to assist in the good governance of both the West Midlands Pension Fund and the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority Pension Fund.


Questions about the Pensions Board

If you have any further queries about the West Midlands Pension Fund's Pensions Board, please contact our Governance Team by email at

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