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Rejoining the LGPS

What happens if I rejoin the LGPS?

These information pages have been provided to give you the information you need to understand about what happens to your LGPS benefits, and the choices available to you, if:

a) you have left one employment and rejoined the LGPS in another employment; or

b) you have had more than one job in which you are a member of the LGPS and have left one of those employments whilst continuing the other.

There are different scenarios that may apply depending on previous service and other factors. Our correspondence will advise you of the information from this section of the website that you should review and you should choose the relevant scenario from the links on the left hand side of this page.

The Re-joiner Glossary is provided to help explain further some terms used in the information and gives more detail about how your benefits are calculated in the LGPS, when they become payable and other important information about protections and paying extra contributions in the LGPS.

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