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What data do we hold?

The West Midlands Pension Fund is required to hold information about its members to enable its management and administration of their pension benefits. We will not hold any information unless it is necessary for the administration of your pension benefits.

The Personal Details the Fund is required to hold are determined by law and the Fund will not hold any information which is not necessary to the management of member benefits.

what personal data is held
what personal data is held

The Fund is regulated by the Pensions Regulator who has adopted Codes of Practice outlining the specific scheme data which is required for Funds to manage and administer pension benefits. This data is divided as Common Data (Data all Funds are required to hold about their members) and Conditional Data (Data which is specific to the West Midlands Pension Fund as a Local Government Pension Scheme)


Common Data Includes

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Sex
  • The Date employment began with an eligible employer
  • Expected retirement date
  • Membership status (Active, Deferred, Retired)
  • Last status event
  • Address
  • Postcode


Conditional Data includes

  • Salary and Earnings (including casual hours and overtime)
  • Date of joining or leaving the pension scheme
  • Date of Retirement (if applicable)
  • Contribution history
  • Spousal history including any pension sharing orders


For more Information on common and conditional data held by the Fund please visit the Pension Regulator's website

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