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Actuarial Valuation

2022 Actuarial Valuation: Employer Briefings

The Fund is hosting two virtual briefing sessions to ensure employers are fully equipped and informed in terms of what to expect from the 2022 LGPS Actuarial Valuation.

The sessions are being held on:

Thursday 23rd June 2022 @ 10:00 am

Wednesday 29th June 2022 @ 14:00 pm

Click here to book your place.

The sessions will allow you to learn more about the funding strategy review, the process, and how the review may impact your employer contribution rates from April 2023. This will include an update on how employers will be involved and on possible outlook.

We strongly encourage a financial/strategic level representative to attend one of these sessions, which will include an opportunity to ask questions of Fund officers.

A link to join the session will be provided by email closer to the time.

Secondary Contributions for 2022/23 are now due

Your secondary contribution (PSD) payments are now due, and should be made as per the figures provided in your 2019 valuation results letter which was issued in March 2020 to the named strategic contact for your organisation.  You are also able view the contributions due to be paid on Employer Hub; instructions on how do do this are available here: publication icon Hub Valuation Details Screen [347kb]

BACs payments should be made to the same account that you currently pay your monthly contributions to. If you wish to confirm payment has been made, please email confirming the amount paid and the employer number(s).

No invoice will be issued for your secondary rate contribution payments.

The employers' contribution rates vary every three years as a result of actuarial valuation of the Fund by an independent actuary.

The actuary plays a major role in ensuring the solvency of the Fund and sets the employer contribution rate at a level required to support the costs of benefits payable out of the Fund both currently and in the future.

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2019 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2016 [1Mb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2001 [1Mb]   

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2013 [511kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1998 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2010 [591kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1995 [1Mb]                            

pdf icon Valuation Statement 31/03/2010 [63kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1992 [2Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2007 [395kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1989 [1Mb]

pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/2004 [795kb]            pdf icon WMPF Valuation 31/03/1984 [2Mb]

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