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  • Introduction to the LGPS Presentation

Introduction to the LGPS Presentation

The 'Introduction to the LGPS' presentation is aimed at staff who may be thinking of joining the scheme or may have recently joined. To book this event we will require a minimum of 10 attendees.

Intro to LGPS
Intro to LGPS

Our aim is to educate members about the Local Government Pension Scheme by highlighting the benefits of being a member of the scheme. The topics we cover in this presentation are:

  • How to join the LGPS

  • How much it costs to join the scheme and employer contributions

  • The benefits of being a member of the scheme

  • How a member's pension benefits will be built up

  • When members can retire

  • How members can increase their benefits through Additional Pension Contributions (APC's) or Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC's)

  • Transferring pension benefits from another scheme

  • Promote the benefits of our online Pensions Portal

At the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask any pension questions to our friendly and experienced Member Relationship Officers who are always happy to help.

(Please note that fund representatives can only give information, therefore, if members require financial advice they should seek the services of an independent financial advisor)

Feedback we have received from our members on the 'Introduction to the LGPS' presentation:

  • "Thanks, a very good presentation".

  • "I wasn't aware of how much the employer pays on top of my contributions, so was good to know".

  • "Covered with great detail, swift and precise".


Remember our services are provided FREE OF CHARGE to employers of the West Midlands Pensions Fund.

To book an event today please contact the Member Services Team:


We look forward to hearing from you...


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