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Individual Pension Consultations

The 'Individual Pension Consultations' provide an opportunity for members to speak to a Fund officer in confidence about their pension benefits at their place of work. To book this event we will require a minimum of 6 appointments.


Individual Pension Consultations provide an opportunity for members to speak in confidence about their pension benefits. These meetings take place at your organisation and normally last around 30 minutes. They include a health check of a member's record, an update of their current pension benefits and where they are likely to be at their normal retirement age. If members have access to their Pension Portal account (a link is always sent prior to the event), we can assist them in producing pension estimates to aid their retirement planning. We can also help with any other pension concerns they may have.

(Please note that fund representatives can only give information, therefore, if members require financial advice they should seek the services of an independent financial advisor).

Remember our services are provided FREE OF CHARGE to employers of the West Midlands Pensions Fund.

To book an event today please contact the Member Services Team :


We look forward to hearing from you...

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