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  • Cyber / Information Security

Cyber / Information Security

West Midlands Pension Fund comply with relevant information security requirements.

We feel it is important to ensure that our customers' information held is held securely in order to protect against unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification and disruption in both electronic and physical formats.


  • Regular senior management attention through the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) and Information Governance Working Party;

  • Implementation of information assurance in Fund service areas led by the Information Governance Operational Group;

  • Information risk management will be at the heart of improvement processes;

  • Mandatory  training for all of the Fund's information users.

Our commitment

  • Acceptable use - to comply with acceptable use policies for email and internet;

  • Data protection - to understand and comply with the Act;

  • Information handling - to comply with information handling and security procedures;

  • Information incidents - to identify potential information events and incidents and report these when they occur.

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