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Upon a member retiring and claiming their pension benefits, where the use of paper versions of forms RB1 (Members claim for retirement benefits) and RB1(D) (Payment of retirement benefits - Members Bank account/Building society account details) are no longer a viable method, electronic versions are available along with instructions on our Forms and data submission page.

The Fund has made the decision to move forward with the availability of electronic versions of these forms alongside the standard method of paper versions, if members are still completing/signing/returning 'hard copies' of these forms, these are still acceptable.

If you send these forms electronically to members, we request that this is done through a secure method and we would like you to be diligent in the email address you are sending these forms to and receiving them back from, it should be the same email address and have the members name in the email address. 

Please could you confirm on the S4(RB) comments box when submitting to the Fund, that you have done these checks.

These forms contain the ability to add an electronic image of a members signature, we realise that for some, this may prove difficult. A signature however it is added, electronically or as a normal 'wet' signed signature, is acceptable. We are now asking for the following copies of documents in order for the Fund to perform it's validations before making payment of benefits to members (Hard copies, electronic versions, and photo images (must be readable) of hard copies of forms are acceptable):

  • RB1 & RB1(D) - Completed in all cases, hard copy, electronic version, photo image of hard copy    
  • Copy of Birth certificate - hard copy, or photo image of hard copy 
  • Copy of passport/Driving Licence - where either is available, to be supplied as a hard copy, or photo image of hard copy (even if a copy of the birth certificate is supplied) 
  • Copy of Marriage/Civil Partnership/Divorce Decree Absolute certificate - Where available, to prove marital status and surname change - to be supplied as a hard copy, or photo image of hard copy    
  • Copy of Spouses/Partners birth/death certificate - Where available, to be supplied as a hard copy, or photo image of hard copy                

In addition, it may also be prudent that where a member supplies a bank account or an email address with a different name, that you check with the member before proceeding.

The Fund may also, prior to processing the member's benefits, contact the member by telephone to check that they have completed the forms, obviously observing Data Protection protocols.

Please contact for further information

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