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The brand new redesigned File Checker has been issued to all employers via email.

Monthly Data Submissions

As you will be aware from ongoing communications, all employers should now be submitting monthly submissions.

The move from annual returns to monthly submissions has:

  • Improved the efficiency of how we exchange member data with employers;

  • Improved the quality of the data held;

  • Streamlined financial reconciliation by auto-producing the contributions remittance form (formerly CON1B);

  • Reduced the number of routine tasks employers have to carry out each month to provide the Fund with current data.

A final statement will need to be submitted annually as this is a summary of the whole year and will be used for reconciliation.

​For further information on uploading your monthly submissions, producing the file, hints, tips and FAQ's, please refer to the subsection web pages on the left-hand side of this page.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this new process please telephone our dedicated employer helpline on 0300 111 6516 or e-mail the Employer Relationship Team.



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