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  • Pensions Portal Promotion for Employers

Pensions Portal Promotion for Employers

My Pensions Portal - Employer Promotion

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My Pensions Portal

The Fund is pleased to announce a record take-up of the new & improved online facility which allows members to take control of their pension online, 24 hours a day.

The 'Pensions Portal' is exclusive to the West Midlands Pension Fund and has been designed with both our members and employers in mind with the aim of enhancing the user experience and improving member self-service. In turn, this is expected to improve the quality of member data, make pension information easily accessible to members and reduce pressures on our employers.

Your staff members can use the 'Pensions Portal' to:

- Update their own personal details (name/address/marital status)

- View links to troubleshoot their benefit statement and death benefit queries, along with other scheme information such as contribution rates, additional contributions and opting out of the scheme.

- View their Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)

- Calculate retirement estimates

- Check and update their nominated beneficiaries

- Ask the Fund questions & receive a response securely

- Plus much more

The move to the new Pensions Portal will deliver significant efficiencies for the fund and members alike. To make the initiative a success, we need your help.

We appreciate that as an employer, any capacity to promote the 'Pensions Portal' may be limited; therefore, we have developed a communications plan to co-ordinate the wide variety of communications available. To summarise this plan, using the templates/documents attached, we would ask that you:

- Issue an email to your members informing them of the new Pensions Portal

publication icon Pension Portal - Email Template [55kb]

- Insert promotional text into your joiner, early leaver & retirement statutory notifications

publication icon Specimen - Statutory Notification [49kb]

- Display our Pensions Portal promotional poster/flyers in communal areas of the work place

publication icon Take control of your Pension - Leaflet 1 [330kb]

publication icon Take control of your Pension - Leaflet 2 [427kb]

publication icon Take control of your retirement [780kb]

- Display/share our Pensions Portal user guide

publication icon My Pensions Portal [2Mb]

- Promote the portal when responding to pension queries

Wherever possible, we would also ask that you:

- Promote the portal on an intranet site or on payslips

- Add our email graphic to Pension Staff email signatures

publication icon Internet article template [53kb]

- Consider facilitating a pensions portal sign up event at your office. During these events, members will also be able to ask questions about their individual pension circumstances. For more information or to book, please visit

We hope you are able to work in partnership with the Fund in regard to participating in our 'Pensions Portal' promotions. We are here to support you, so if you have any enquiries or ideas for additional promotions, it would be great to hear from you, please email

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